Magazines Ads Reach

Magazines Ads reach

Wishesh Magazine has gained the reputation of being the magazine sharing the information across the country. Wishesh is an attractive above 80 page online digital magazine. Readers and fans tend to share the magazine as well, as you might imagine, so readership and exposure is even higher!

Wishesh covers CURRETN AFFAIRS, Events Around the World, Film News, NRI Discussions, Kids section, TRAVELOGUE, Business, Life Style, Health & Fitness, Fashion, VAASTU CORNER, Art &CULTURE & HISTORY, ASTRO TALK, AUTO NEWS, SPORTS ROUND UP, SPIRTUALITY and many more where people read and stay up-to-date.

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Viral content is a posting or piece of information that someone has created that is shared by thousands, if not millions, of people across the Internet. This posting will often find itself on dozens of different sites.


The more often you share interesting or informative content with your fans and followers, the more often you will catch their attention. While to many it may seem counterproductive to spend your time finding an article


As mentioned above, creating relationships with your customers is one of the parts of social media marketing that gives it so much power. You can build these relationships by posting updates that users actually want to read, not just

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