Reputation & Web Presence

Structured "GOOD WILL/ Market Presence Building Services"

Reputation management is monitoring the Internet reputation of your business. It's important to proactively monitor your online reputation (your "webutation") to know what clients leaving comments and reviews.

Every review counts. Potential consumers are turning to the web as a source of information. They will read what your current consumers are saying about your business and they will make decisions based off of these reviews.

How it Works


1 ) We tune our active radar technology to listen each day for reviews on top places your business may be reviewed online, including Google Places, Yelp, Citysearch, Insider Pages, TripAdvisor, and many more.

2 ) We tune our radar technology to listen for mentions of your business name, keywords, social profile mentions, reputation terms, and competitor mentions from across the web.

3 ) We sync our platform to your social profiles to monitor for engagements on social platforms, like geo-targeted keywords for your service area on Twitter to target users to follow or share content and offers with.


4 ) When the platform finds a mention, engagement, or review of your business, it notifies you in your ReachCast stream.


5 ) Our technology enables sharing of reviews of your business directly to Twitter, Facebook, or the reviews tab of your Cast page.

6 ) Our technology enables sharing of web mentions of your business directly to Twitter, Facebook, or your Cast page.

7 ) Our technology enables direct response to social engagements from our platform.


8 ) The system publishes a custom report showing the activity your campaign has generated, including visits, search rank, fans and follower numbers, leads and engagements, and more.


  • Grow your base of fans and followers
  • mplify the great things being said about your business to build your brand
  • Address customer service issues and manage your reputation

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